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What I do with old FIRE EXTINGUISHERS at work site left be hide.

Old Fire Extinguishers

I just had my Essential Service business going Thur my work site and put in new fire extinguishers but the left be hide the old fire extinguishers. what can I do with the old fire extinguishers can I put them in the waste bin or Recycling bin. well NO as the fire extinguishers is High-pressure gas cylinders that hold one of these type materials and components like, ABE (Powder), Co2 (CARBON DIOXIDE), WET CHEMICAL, Foam (AFFF Concentrate). which is not good for the environment Ex H2O (water).

We here have a service for removing old fire Extinguisher and we are commitment to an environmental programmed. fire extinguishers at the end of their useful life are professionally discharged and dismantled. All separated extinguisher materials are whenever possible fully recycled.The remaining unusable materials are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner reducing environmental impact and global carbon footprint.

So if you have any old fire Extinguisher that need to be remove call Ian on 0488 182 050 today

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