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Electrical Appliance testing and tagging

All appliance that is plug in to GPO (power point). 
are tested and tag. we do a full test on ex-lead, power board, computer system, laptop, toster, microwave and any item that is plug in to the GPO.




​Emergency & Exit Light Testing

we test your emergency and exit light they need to be tested very 6 months to make sure they work in case of emergency




RCD Time & Current Testing

RCD Time & Current Testing at all switch board and any mobile RCD's. The RCD's make sure you are safe from risk of electrical shock.



Fire service Testing from fire pump test to Smoke Detector testing. Removed of old Fire Extinguisher.


Relamping (Replace Lights)

Replace Lamps, Tubes, Bulbs and LED. In Shops offce area.





​Electrical work

If you need any Electrical work we have them to fix any Electrical work.





Microwave Testing

We can test your Microwave for radiation energy leak. exposure to radiation energ is harmful to your health.




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